„IAMDDB – People always presume my name has some deep spiritual meaning and I’m like na g, it’s just my initials lol. Diana De Brito. IAM DDB you know?“


She is a growing musician between Urban Jazz and keeping it G. A small chat with IAMDDB.


How was it for you growing up in Manchester?

MCR is the vibe period. We care so much you can feel it in the air. Not to say everyone here isn’t a cunt though Haha. MCR has my heart, no place like home.

You describe your music as Urban Jazz, could you highlight couple of aspects that would show your personal attitude towards it?

My Dad and Bob Marley. They both taught me to be rooted from deep within, both taught me to truly keep it g firstly with yourself before anyone else, and finally because they both make DOPE MUSIC. 

The Jamaican vibe is a big part of you. Does the country with this kind of culture and nature serve as an inspiration for you ?

Yeah Jamaica is like the dreamland in my mind, from having Jamaican friends, music, food I feel like the culture itself intrigues me a lot.

You’re new album Vibes Vol. 2 has released couple of days ago. Can you tell us a little bit about it and what have changed since Vol. 1?

Nothing has changed, its just a continuous flow of the life journey I’m facing, the musical journey I’m embracing, and also life lessons I’m sharing.

Everyone has a right to be themselves, that is what you represent with your name „I am ddb“. Could you tell me how hard is it to stay yourself nowadays?

It’s easy to get lost in the sauce. But when you take time out of everything there is always an inner voice talking to you. You just gotta tap into your own being, once that’s done there’s no such thing as ‚it’s hard to be yourself‘ as you wouldn’t know how to live any other way. That’s why keepin it g is WAY WAY important.

I have seen that you rocking a lot of vintage garments, how would you like to describe your style?

I don’t really have a style. I’m not a girly girl but I still got sauce you know. If it’s a vibe I’ll wear it, if it’s swegg I’ll wear it. I just love cool looking clothes. 

Have you had any female role models in your life who have influenced you in music, fashion or daily?

Meme Gold inspires my fashion, she’s a clothing designer from Manchester, sick bitch. I think the struggles I saw my mum go through when I was growing up inspires me everyday to do, work, try harder than I did the previous day, everyday.

Meme Gold did your hair and styled you in the leaned out video. How important is it for you to work together with friends and help each other out?

I only tend to work closely with friends who are now family to me. I have to have some form of relationship/care for and with the person for it to be a continuous partnership for life, be it personal or business.

I have seen you wearing dyed braids for your mermaid season. Could you tell me what’s hiding behind it ?

Mermaid season, its one of my tags I like to use. My braids make me feel like a mermaid, I’ve always loved long hair. Mermaid season is just embracing the beauty within  and without I guess, almost like FLEX SEASON but in a humble way.

                                                                                              Cover image: Liam Tarnish Vision